Herkkuapprot In English

The Herkkuappro, now in its third time, is here again! On Wednesday March 29th, it's time to eat your way around the city centre of Jyväskylä and collect entries in the appro pass - yes, by eating treats! This spring's Herkkuappro will include Redneck Bar & Kitchen, Hesburger, Valkoinen Puu, Elo and ten other places. The partners will be announced on the website on the 24th and the whole appro menu on the 27th of March.

The event will start with the distribution of appro passes at Redneck Bar & Kitchen from 3:30PM to 5PM. Redneck is located in the Forum Shopping Centre at Asemakatu 7. The restaurant is best accessed via Asemakatu, through the entrance next to the Linkki office.

Each restaurant has its own stamp box in the appro pass. In addition, there is one wildcard box - so you can get two stamps from one restaurant of your choice when you make a double purchase. Note! Water does not qualify for a check mark at any restaurant.

There are four levels of diplomas, or earnable badges, and they must be completed in order, starting from the lowest. Be prepared to show your previous overall patches!

Napostelija (Snacker) - 5 stamps
Herkkusuu (Sweeth Tooth) - 7 stamps
Mättökeisari (Fat Cat) - 8 stamps
Syöttöporsas (Feeding Pig) - 9 stamps

Badges will be distributed at the same place as the passes from 7PM to 9PM. There is no time limit for doing the pass.

Ticket sales for the event will start on Kide.App on March 20th at 3PM (quota ticket sales on March 16th at 12PM). The ticket price is six euros. The event is open to all Jyväskylä University students!

What's an appro?

Appro is a traditional student event where you go around the city and visit restaurants and pubs. From each participating restaurant you can buy something and in exchange you can get a stamp in your appro pass. Once you have collected enough stamps, you can claim an overall patch for the event.