Pedago Shop

Overall badges

Pedago's overall badges can be bought at Kide.App!

Please remember to add postikulut (posting fee) in to your basket so we can get the addres where send the badges to.


Overalls can be ordered once per year at the beginning of autumn semester. Overalls will be delivered during the November.

If you are willing to have your own overalls, please contact during the summer time or immediately at the beginning of the autumn semester!

Pedago merch

Collective order for Pedago merch will be held once per both semesters. More accurate date will be published on Instagram @pedagory. Available Pedago merch are hats, hoodies, colleges, canva bags and beanies decorated with Pedago ry's logo. Stay tuned!

Other products

  • Pedago beanie (15,50e) & Pedago bucket hat (16,50e)
  • Kansankynttilä college (60e)
    • Unisex sizes: S, M, L
    • Buy at Kide.App & monthly hangouts
  • Sitsfest songbook (7e)