Safer Space Principles

The principles of a safer space are the common rules of the game for Pedago's events and activities, to which every member commits when they participate. The principles of a safer space guides Pedago's activities and communicate Pedago's values to the members. In a safer space, you can trust that wrongdoings can be handled without fear of belittling them.

1. Respect each other's boundaries.

Everyone has the right to their own space and physical integrity. Everyone has also the right to privacy and the right to limit what they share about themselves.

2. Respect the other person's choices and values.

Pedago's activities are a discrimination-free zone. Everyone has the right to their own choices and values but they must not infringe on the other's right to a space as safe as possible.

3. Know and recognize your own presuppositions.

Be open and face new people and situations without prejudice. Don't assume - everyone's right to self-determination is to be respected. All kinds of teachers are needed, everyone is valued in their own right!

4. Let's make room for everyone to participate in the discussion and activities.

Let's bring out our own opinions while respecting others and give space to other opinions as well. Let's make it as easy as possible to participate.

5. The safer space is the responsibility of each of us.

Everyone can do their part to promote social accessibility. Consider others and notice inappropriate behavior. You can intervene yourself or be in contact with a safety person or event organizer.

I didn't feel the space was safe, what can I do?

Pedago has a safety person(s) at every event. If you feel that the principles of a safer space are being violated at Pedago's events, you can contact the safety person.

Otherwise, you can send a message via the feedback box at . Equality representatives process the feedback anonymously and bring it up in the meeting on a case-by-case basis. If the feedback giver does not want to give out their contact information in connection with the feedback (note! at this point we cannot contact you regarding the feedback)

You can also directly contact Pedago's equality representatives at 

Pedago's activities aim at accessibility and reachability

Accessibility means the absence of barriers in the built environment and social accessibility. When organizing events, Pedago tries to take into account the accessibility of the venue and the feedback received from previous events.

The event descriptions include accessibility descriptions, which aim to increase the accessibility of the events.

Reachability is the accessibility of digital environments and communication. The aim is to reach Pedago's membership through versatile communication.