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Pedago, the student association of teacher students, is willing to help all of our students whenever needed! Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with. If we can't, atleast we will tell you who can!

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With the form below you can contact us about everything! Message will be read by the Board of Pedago. Please leave us your contact information if you want a personal reply.

Messages can also be sent anonymously if willing so. In such case note that replying you back is not possible.

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The main account of Pedago where you can find a lot of practical information! You can send us a message whenever needed!

The account where all of the Pedago's events are published! Follow us for staying informed what is happening on a upcoming days or ask for more details of the events!


Facebook account is used mostly for sharing a formal information which can be found also on Instagram. Though, you can still send us a message via Facebook if willing!