Pedago membership

You can become a member of Pedago if you are a degree student or an exchange student at the Department of Teacher Education.

You can become a member of Pedago ry for one academic year at a time. The membership gives you numerous benefits offered by our partners, the right to participate in all Pedago events at a lower membership price and the opportunity to influence the activities of our subject organization in many ways. The membership is mandatory for participating in Pedago events that require purchasing a ticket.

If you want to use the benefits offered for Pedago members find the membership card in the Kide.App (wallet - memberships) and show it at checkout. 

A membership for one academic year costs 10 euros in 2023-2024. The membership fee must be paid independently at the beginning of each new academic year in If you have forgotten to pay the membership fee at the beginning of your studies in the autumn, you can also become a member in the middle of the academic year. The membership is valid until August 31st 2024.

If you have any concerns or question about your membership or membership fees, you can contact us by email at