Event Manual

Regular meetings and events

Book club

The book club meets once a month and gathers around a chosen book of the month. Each month the group chooses a book based on a decided genre. You can attend the book club meetings as often as you like according to your own shedule and even join the conversation without reading the book. 

For more information join the Facebook group. Or join the Whatsapp-group!

Come play sports together!

Pedago organizes a weekly sports meeting at Viveca (Rautpohjantie 8a) together with other student associations. Everybody is welcome regardless of their skills or experience in the sport. The goal is to have fun while doing sports and also get to know other students. The sport played changes week to week.

For more information join the Facebook group

Monthly hangouts/Hengailuilta

The monthly hangouts are a good way of getting to know other teacher students and gather to hangout around a theme or activity (for example sledding or sewing patches to your overalls). The monthly hangouts are always free of charge and alcohol-free. You can find out about the next hangout on Instagram and on kide.app.

Annual studet events

Througout the academic year Pedago and other groups organize many different types of student events. Below we have listed some of the most popular ones.


Sitsfest is a traditional academic dinner party that consists of singing drinking songs and having a good time.  There are alcohol free options available. Depending on where the sits are held the drinks are either included in the prize or you have to bring them yourself (the food is always included in the prize).

While participating there are traditional rules and an etiquette at sitsfest that should be followed. For example the first and most important rule is "Dont be late from the sitsfest" and other rules include "Attend the sitsfest dressed according to the chosen theme" and "No phone use is allowed when the sitsfest is happening".

You can learn more about Pedago sitsfest from other students or at the sitsfest it self. Don't hesitate to come have a look at the sitsfest, there are always people there for the first time!

Our events such as Sitsfests are generally held in Finnish, but everyone is always welcome to join. We will do our very best to ensure that international students will also have a great time and that all the instructions are also given in English.


Vappu (May Day, May 1st) is the biggest student event of the year that is celebrated all over the country. Vappu is the celebration of all students and workers. For more information: May Day

In Pedago we usually celebrate Vappu for almost two weeks prior to the actual holiday. During this time there are many different types of events and gatherings for example a football match, a HopLop event, a Vappubrunch and parties. The main events are held on the 31st of April and the traditional Vappu picnic is held at Harju on the 1st of May. The dress code for the whole of Vappu is student overalls.


Approt is a traditional student event where you go around the city and visit restaurants and pubs. From each participating restaurant you by something and in exhange fo a stamp in your appropass. Once you have filled your appropass you can get a patch for participating in the event.

PJR Pikkujouluristeily (The Christmas cruise)

The christmas cruise gathers together all of the teachers students of Finland to celebrate. The cruise is traditionally in November.

Annual ball & Sillis (The morning after breakfast)

The annual ball is a celebration of our student accossiation Pedago ry. This year we celebrate Pedagos 60th anniversary! The annual ball is a formal, academic dinner party with a three course meal and a black tie dress code. 

The next mornings sillis or silliaamiainen (the morning after breakfast) is also a traditional part of the anniversary celebration. At sillis we wear our overalls and chill after the previous day of partying.